Welcome. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve assembled a number of videos that cover a wide array of subjects but are seen through the lens of San Francisco Peninsula real estate and the culture that surrounds it.

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2023 - Q1 Review

The Impact of the Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank on the Local Real Estate Market

2022 Year in Review

Brian goes over the previous year’s highs and lows amidst the new normal.

Architect Jonathan Feldman & Brian’s insights on working with contractors

Brian chats with renowned architect Jonathan Feldman about working relationships. Then Brian discusses some fundamental approaches to successful contractor relationships.

Revisiting 1317 Martin Ave, Palo Alto. Impeccable new build.

Brian gives a tour of 1317 Martin Avenue in Palo Alto’s Crescent Park neighborhood. We see how architect Jonathan Feldman’s design vision has been brought to a stunning reality.

Downtown Palo Alto & 855 Bruce Drive

A quick visit to downtown Palo Alto, including a stop at Peninsula Creamery. Then onto view an outstanding home at 855 Bruce Drive in the Midtown neighborhood of Palo Alto.

Brian chats with Lisa Van Dusen, Director of the Palo Alto Community Fund. Brian shares his own Palo Alto home construction journey.

Join Brian and his guest Lisa as they discuss community support issues and opportunities.

We learn about Palo Alto's Magical Bridge Foundation with CEO Olenka Villareal, and tour Old Palo Alto's charming 2045 Cowper Street.

Brian meets Olenka Villareal at the Magic Bridge Playground to dicsuss her foundations focus and efforts. Then it’s off to take a tour with Brian of 2045 Cowper Street.

Stand Out with Brian Chancellor

Behind the facade of today's "perfect" man with Danish artist, Peter Ravn

Brian chats with influential Danish artist Peter Ravn and his work and his perspective on masculinity in a modern context.

Inside the Box with Danish Architect Henrik Bønnelycke

Brian has an in-depth talk about architecture and the power of aesthetics with Danish architect Henrik Bonnelycke.

Happy Clients

Inghie K. talks with Brian Chancellor of Palo Alto's Sereno about buying and selling homes

Brian Chancellor of Palo Alto’s Sereno talks with his customer Inghie K. about the dynamics of of the trust and expertise it takes for a foreign investor to purchase homes in Palo Alto.

Celine B. talks about working with Brian Chancellor

Brian Chancellor of Palo Alto Sereno hears from Celine B. regarding her experience with Brian buying and selling homes in Palo Alto.

Neighborhood Tour


Crescent Park, Palo Alto

Old Palo Alto, Palo Alto